How to Make a Halloween Cake and Candy Stand

This time of year the dollar store shelves are stacked full of loads of great stuff! Using a few finds from Dollar Tree, make a simple stand for holding cupcakes, candy, or other fun treats. And you can recreate it for just a few bucks!

For this project you will need:

  • 3 platters or large plates
  • 2 wine glasses
  • Glue

About Tanner Bell

At 15 years old, Tanner Bell can say he’s done a little of everything when it comes to the craft industry. Tanner got his start in March 2010. After getting his very first Cricut expression, he decided to create simple craft tutorials. He was for sure different in the online crafting community with his young age, personality, and knowledge. He continued to create craft videos and have fun with it. He then saw a niche that needed to be filled in the stamp industry, Dogs, specifically yorkies since he has 9 yorkies of his own. He found a manufacture that would create the stamps, and he would package and distribute them. He did this all on his own for about two years. He knew that there was something bigger then creating stamps. He then decided to end his company. Tanner focused on what he loved most, videos. By then, Tanner had built a brand and following. After six months of thinking and finding what was next for the young teen, he decided to partner with a friend which he had met through his stamp company and became friends with. Tanner and Courtney launched A Little Craft In Your Day in late March of 2013.

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